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Roberto Dias da Silva - Graphic & Multimedia Designer

Specialized in providing a complete brand for clients, with accents on typography, branding, illustration, front-end webdesign, audiovisual animation, 3d-design, interaction-design, endeavoring multimedia concepts and campaign developement. I have an international focus, which corresponds with a broad clientbase all over the world - both in the commercial and non-profit sector. I have worked in design & marketing departments in a multitude of sectors.

What up with your company name?

The name “Deconditioned Reflex” stems from Ivan Pavlov’s theory of classical conditioning. As the famous example of “Pavlov’s Dog” states that when a certain stimuli is repetitively associated with a certain reaction or result, someone will keep associating that stimuli with that response. For example; in marketing, certain colors or designs are associated with a specific type of product (often set by a dominant brand in that sector). As a designer, i try to break certain trends and associations, to create something new and stimulating - something paradoxal even - to either make the demographic think, to provoke their curiocity, or both. Wether you want to promote a nobel cause, or just to get the clients interest - drawing outside the lines makes them look. Thats how i “de”condition their mental reflexes - stepping on the right toes!

What i can offer

You say “Jack of all traits” like its bad thing

“Jack of all traits – master of none”. It’s a saying people come across when referring to people with a broad skill set in their line of work. Of course a designer should excel at their best proficiencies, but the key to effectiveness is to have a broad scope of skills - or at least essential knowledge - of graphic and multimedia disciplines. When a creative obstacle blocks a path - be it technical or conceptual - my diverse skillset can find a non-linear solution to the problem. When as last resort the task requires a very specialistic solution, my broad network of design specialists will definitely tackle the problem!

Blurring the borders and canvases of design

In recent years the line between graphic design and multimedia (web) design has become increasingly blurry. But because of this the possibilities to link these designs offer new possibilities! I can offer you a brand design streching from print&sign and printed publications to visual animation and webdesign - all perfectly intertwined. My graphic and multimedia services include visual and 3d animation, illustration, social media sollutions, mobile responsive design, SEO (optimalisation), corporate branding and much more.

Flexible solutions – Revolutionary design

No one client or project is the same, neither should its design be. The branding of a client should reflect their vision and values on first sight, and all its printed and digital should be an extention of that. Whether you want to profile your brand as bold or conservative, you want to tickle that soft spot in your target audience.

Do want to cross the line or draw within the margins? Either way you want your brand to stand out. Thats why i offer excellent service in brainstorming for developing designs and concepts that truely reflect your wishes and vision. I have significant experience in visual marketing and communications, so i can inform about current design trends, or advice you on what would really be a bold revolutionary new design that will really make you an eye catcher in your respective field of business.


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